Psalm 23

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.” (v. 2)

When the Lord is our Shepherd, he sees to it that we are taken care of properly. We are His property, and He will take special care of His own. He gives us a peace that “passeth all understanding” (Phil. 4: 7); a peace in which we can rest beside still waters and dwell in green pastures. He removes fear of hunger; of danger; and settles our hearts on the fact that He will provide. Even more amazing is that He will lead us to the green pastures and still waters, so that we need not search for them ourselves. What a loving God we serve. All we have to do is follow. He supplies our every need, and we can bask in the tranquility of His loving grace. It is enough that He provides us with this comforting peace, but He goes beyond that, and leads us to it. I cannot fathom this kind of love and care. When He leads me to the green pastures, He maketh me to lie down and rest, as if I am completely and fully in His power, as well I hope to be; and when He discovers His still waters unto me, I rejoice greatly, and relax in Him, knowing that He is there, and I have no fear of wanting. In so doing, “He restoreth my soul” unto Him, and I am refreshed and made whole again; and I find Him leading in the great and lovely paths of righteousness, which lead to His Heavenly Kingdom (v. 3). These paths are narrow and hard to follow without His gracious leading, in fact, they are impossible to follow; But He leadeth; what a wonderful blessing bestowed upon us, to have the God of all Creation, of the Universe and beyond, to lead each of us, lovingly and gently along.

Are you aware of God’s leading, my friend? Has he led you into those blessed paths of righteousness? Have you walked with God? If so, you know the sweetness of His presence and the joy of hearing His voice; you have experienced the wonderment of His love and basked in the peace He freely gives, but if not, you miss out on too much in this life. The question I put to you now is “Are you walking with God”? Has your soul been restored unto Him? Oh, I hope so, I hope so for your sake, as well as for Christ’s sake, lest Calvary be wasted on you! Yes, if one would be so foolish as to turn His back on Calvary, then the cross was wasted in his life. Don’t let the great sacrifice of Christ be wasted in your life, accept Christ as your savior today and let Him lead you into paths of righteousness. - Marty Dunn

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