Genesis 1

"Old birth, new birth"

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth". verse 1

And His work is an eternal work! As God is without beginning or end, so is His work. Notice the likeness here to the "new birth" and mans basic nature. Man is born in darkness, and confusion, then God moves upon his heart, and he "sees the light", then he begins to grow in grace. Sanctification, separation, fruitfulness, all these follow, as a growth process, it’s all here. Yes, the work of creation is an ongoing work, an everlasting work, "Ye must be born again".

Not only do we become, or are made to be, "new creatures" in Christ, but we also begin a new beginning! (2 Corinthians 5:17). Salvation is Gods never ending creation. The natural birth process leads to death and destruction, and eventually hell, but thank God He has provided a new birth for us, a new beginning, in Christ Jesus. The "Genesis" of our lives begins at Calvary.

Then too, we must realize that it is Gods work to "create", and not ours. To "change our ways" is not new birth, it is simply reformation. The new birth is a supernatural work, and can have no part with the work of the flesh. It was "In the beginning (that) God created...." What beginning? The beginning of life, eternal life as well as physical life, but only a beginning for us, since God has no beginning! In order to be there "in the beginning" He had to exist before the beginning, which He did. Whenever we read the "creation story" we must be reminded of the "new birth" as well as the natural birth of this world, which was obtained with a great price for us at Calvary. Let us be thankful that God chose to keep on creating "new creatures" long after this seven day creation.

Marty Dunn

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