Genesis 7 Be Separate!

(Genesis 7:1 KJV) ..." for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation."

Because "Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (6:8), all of mankind has been preserved. Oh the wonders of God's amazing grace! What allowed Noah to find grace? Righteousness! Thank God for His righteousness, bestowed on us through His Son, The King of Righteousness, Jesus Christ. Righteousness exalts men and nations (Proverbs 14:34), it promotes us to heavenly realms (Psalm 148:14).

It is almost unbelievable that God found only one man to be righteous before Him. It would be wise for us to consider that evil is dominant over good in the hearts of men. Oh Christian friend, do not think that you are above the evil influences of Satan, he has been in business a very long time, and has deceived every man that has ever lived, save Jesus. I guarantee that neither you, nor myself, is any greater than some of the greatest of men. David fell into sin, even in the height of his majesty; Solomon fell though he was the wisest of all men; Adam fell while in a perfect environment; and Samson, the strongest man there ever was, fell to the clutches of Satan. We ought not to play with sin, it is a losing game.

Many suppose that their fellowship with unbelievers will "rub off" unto the unbeliever, and "help" them, and they will be made better. It doesn't work that way folks, with man, as well as with nature. Take a sick man, and put a healthy man with him to make him better, and see what happens! As with apples in a barrel, once rottenness sets in, in this old world, it spreads! It infects the good. Do not mix with sinners; do not be partakers of another mans sin, (Romans 1:32). In so doing, you condemn yourself. Thinking you can "toy" with sin is playing right into the devils' hand.

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