Genesis 8 "Remembrance"

(Genesis 8:1 KJV) "And God remembered Noah"...

Thank God that He doesn't forget us! Whether in judgment; in mercy; in grace, or in any other state, even in sin! God does not forget His own! Did He not say "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee"? (Hebrews 13:5c). The only thing that could cause Him to forsake us is sin. Remember Jesus' words on the cross, "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?" God only forsook Him when the sin of the world was laid on Him. Perfect righteousness cannot look on depravity, total wickedness. Thank God He became sin for us, who knew no sin, He will not forget those of us who dwell in Him.

In the same verse we see it was God's "wind" that assuaged the waters. This word for "wind" is also "spirit" in the Bible. God's Spirit moves as a wind, and His "east wind" was used many times to do great things in the Bible. He used an east wind to take away some of the plagues in Egypt, to part the Red Sea, many things happen when the winds of God blow! Thank God that He will remember us in our afflictions. His "east wind" will be sent to calm our troubled waters, to soothe our tempest, and calm the sea of our lives. He will not forget us. God is not a man that He should repent (Numbers 23:19). "I will remember my covenant..." God WILL remember (Genesis 9:15). Righteousness in our lives does not allow Him to forget us! Remember Pentecost? "A mighty rushing wind" blew, and the Spirit fell on the disciples, the Spirit of Promise. God did not forget His people! It can be said, "and God remembered________" (our names).

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