Psalm 23

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. (v.6)

This lovely psalm brings great joy and comfort to me every time I read it.
I find it disheartening though, that it is so often used only in funeral services today. It is a psalm for life, not for death! It offers comfort in the storm, and peace for the troubled soul, and yes, it is comforting when one has lost a loved one, but we need to realize that it is not solely a funeral dirge, it is a refreshment for our souls.

To me, the most comforting part, perhaps, is the last verse; there are two angels that follow us everywhere we go in life, they are Goodness, and Mercy. Goodness is there to bless us in all our endeavors for the Lord; Mercy is there when judgment comes, in any form, and he intercedes on our behalf. Thank God for these two “angels.” We could not make it through one day without the goodness of God, and definitely would not last long without mercy. We need them both, and God knows we do, and He provides that need. “Surely” they shall be with us, as surely as God’s Word. Which is the most value to us? It is hard to say. We need them both. As you walk through life, and go about your day, be aware that these two gentlemen follow you, and they are there for you, every moment, every day, and in all your ways. They do not lead, but follow, to help us out of the mischief we find, though we are often led into it of our own volition.

The Lord is so gracious in providing these for us. He is, of course, the Shepherd of the psalm; but He has appointed helpers, not for Him, but for us, to help us along the way. Every time we read, or hear this psalm, let us render our thanksgiving to the Lord of the psalm, and praise Him for His great provision on our behalf, and when trouble comes our way, remember these two blessed friends, they will see us through.

There are 27 pronouns in this short passage, and 17 of them refer to the “sheep” while only 10 refer to the Shepherd. One can easily see that the Lord loves His Sheep, and that we are foremost in His thoughts and heart. - Marty Dunn

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